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Improving your life quality by improving your sleep. Tailored to you.

Everyone has particular needs, and we carefully study each one of them to develop solutions in the form of products of the best quality and techniques. We are committed to the quality and reliability of our products.


At SPEZIA we stand for sustainability and nature conservation. Our TOP ECO COLLECTION offers a line of high-quality products that not only are quite effective in improving rest, but also are made combining high performance materials with the most advanced fabrics produced from recycled materials, such as PET bottles.

Pocket Springs

Springs that work independently. Every spring is placed inside a fabric pocket so that it can be compressed and extended independently of the other springs that surround it. Thanks to this autonomy, pocket springs mattresses have the property to ensure that the vibration caused on one part of them is not transmitted to the rest of the mattress.

High Resilience

High resilience mattresses consist of a foam block with higher density than the standard limit of 30kg/m3.  The resilience of the foam in this mattresses, measured by dropping a steel ball onto the foam cushion and calculating the percentage of the rebound height compared to the original drop height, should not be less than 45%.

Bonnell Springs

Metal springs that taper in the middle, creating a biconical or hourglass shape. Mattresses with Bonnell springs have a core where these springs are arranged vertically and linked together by steel wires. This creates athermic and highly breathable mattresses that are very firm but also very flexible due to their hourglass shape.

More than 60 years innovating

Since the beginning, over 60 years ago, we are firm believers that our companies have the possibility to transform and improve people’s lives. For that reason, each of the companies that belongs to our group decided, from its foundation, to always be on the side of the customer and the user, as “discovering your needs is our true reason for being”.

Our approach to business is rooted in constant improvement, reinvestment, and development. To work within the framework of a sustainable activity, incorporating environmentally friendly materials, processes, and habits. Promoting therefore the development and prosperity of the community to which we belong.

We are aware that this is not possible without a permanent search for management excellence and constant innovation. Hence our commitment to the quality and reliability of our products.

At SPEZIA we are convinced that our main asset are the people who develop this project, which is why we promote transparency and credibility in our relationships with employees, customers, partners, suppliers, and collaborators. We combine constant cooperation and good teamwork.